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The Bomb and the Antichrist = Devastation?

Ni hao ('Hello' in Chinese script) dear readers (thats the chinese for hello...!). Im sure all these posts about the antichrist and the ravages he is supposed to cause in this world appear exciting to some and depressing to others. Well, these are preophecies, and prophecies are known to come out true as welll as false, so you never know! But of course, they are interesting to speculate about, especially seeing the state of affiars in today's world. Im sure you have a decent idea about the antichrist now, and now I would like to put up a poll for you...The following poll is being repeated, because now my reader base is much wider, and most of you might not hacve seen that poll, buried under the previous posts.

The Antichrist - Who is he?
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Now to the great seer aka Nostradamus' Prophecies, continued from previous posts:

Bomb sent at New York by the Antichrist, France retaliates (Centurie VI, Quatrain 97)
In WWWIII many existing diplomatic ties between nations will
be broken and realigned. One that will continue to hold however
is the alliance between France and the U.S. A force aligned with
the Antichrist will send a bomb aimed at New York City. It will
be spotted and tracked as it approaches. The U.S. defense system
will feverishly concentrate on diverting or disabling the b omb,
and the U.S. will not be able to retaliate. As proof of their loyalty
the French are asked to retaliate, which they do with several
bombs and weapons.
The response will be immediate. The American leader uses a
hotline to communicate to the French Marshal, who launches
self-propelled bombs with "tongues of fire" against the
aggressor. In this war some of the bombs will hit New York and
some will be diverted. The bomb referred to here will be
prematurely detonated along the flight path, saving the city.
Many human lives will be spent when planes flying around the
bomb, trying to divert or destroy it, are blown up.

Bacteriological warfare strikes New York and London (Centurie II, Quatrain 6)

New York and in London will be hit with scourges from
bacteriological warfare, a deadly "bug", either bacteria or virus
or some type of disease-causing organism. It will be released into
the atmosphere to affect the populations of New York and
London. Because of separation and different gene pools,
spontaneous mutations in the organisms will affect the two
populations in different ways. It will appear to be two different
diseases even though it was caused by the same organism.
As a result of this plague the metropolitan infrastructures will
break down. The people near but outside the cities will panic and
shun the cities and refuse to deliver available food, effectively
putting them into quarantine. The city dwellers will starve to
death in droves. People will loot and raid stores, and soldiers will
stab them off at bayonet point. The government will try to evenly
distribute the remaining food but the people will panic and they
call on God to relieve them from their misery.

Antichrist conquers Europe (Centurie IX, Quatrain 73)
The Antichrist will take over Europe and begin to toy with the
idea of establishing some kind of dynasty. Because of his
background he is obsessed with power and attracted to the way
that a ruling family line can have a major effect on the flow of
history, manipulating society over a long span of time through
familial line, far beyond the influence of a single individual. But
his plans will not materialize because he is overthrown by
Ogmios and his monstrosities will be counterbalanced with
positive forces to heal the earth, directed by the Great Genius.

The Antichrist invades Britain
(Centurie II, Quatrain 68)
In his European campaign the Antichrist will attempt to overtake Britain, particularly to seize its naval forces for further advances.
England will resist and initially fend off the advance, with
support from the U.S. However, it is likely that the Antichrist
will eventually overcome England and the more passionate
members of the underground will flee to Ireland and Scotland.
The Antichrist will not succeed in overtaking the entire island.
North England, Scotland, and Ireland will not succumb, possibly
aiding the reunification of Ireland to fight the Antichrist.
Patriotic and stubborn Irish and Scottish spirit will play a
favorable role in turning the tide.

(Centurie III, Quatrain 16)

The British prince, a member of the English royal house, will be
eager to lead his troops into battle to defend his own and
neighboring countries that have treaties with Britain. He will
confront the Antichrist's forces in two major engagements and
will be defeated in one. He will be outflanked and will have to
retreat in disgrace.
Nevertheless the opposing forces will curse him because he was
a valiant fighter, and his brashly engaging in battle disrupted
some of the Antichrist's carefully laid plans for the conquest of
Europe. The man will return to England and the population will
give him a hero's welcome for his bravery despite the defeat.

End of post, hope you did vote who you think the antichrist is, will return soon with more exciting predictions continued from this post, ciao!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

World War III - Antichrist Vs West

Hello everybody. My blog got into a bit of a controversy recently, when a famous blogger Debbie Hamilton wrote negatively about my blog on reading about the prophecy of the currerrent Pope's assasination. He thought I was a fundamentalist bent hardcore on getting the Pope killed for his recent comments on Prophet Mohammed. Well then I explained to him that I just wrote about it because it was a prediction of Nostradamus, there was nothing personal or relegious about it and that it was too sensational a prophecy to avoid. It was then that Debbie replied through comments on my last post: "Is it the End of days Mr Nostradamus" (September 23, 2006) . He apologised for his conduct, and actually rewrote his post reccomending people to read my blog! You can read Debbie's comments there and also visit his blog by clicking on his name.

Before we continue our journey in the world of Nostradamus Prohecies, please take out time to visit my squidoo lens - , about which I had also mentioned towards the end of my previous post. The Prophecies continued:

WWIII Overview: horrible battles, weapons, devastation, death

Because of the new awareness the western civilization has come
upon, and because of the accelerated rate of the shifting of the
earth's crust, and because of the conjunction of the planets, the
war *might* be avoided. Depending on the speed at which the
natural events occur. For as in any civilization, when natural
disasters occur this is more prominent than military conquest.

(Centurie II, Quatrain 40)
During the time of troubles and WWWIII there will be massive
naval, air, and land battles. The ultra-secret weapons that are
brought forth will shock and stun the world.

(Centurie VIII, Quatrain 17)
The Antichrist will not hesitate to use bacteriological warfare as
well as conventional warfare, causing hunger, fire and plagues.
The causative organisms will be more virulent than ever and
hence increasingly lethal.

(Centurie II, Quatrain 18)

When the Antichrist is taking over Europe, nuclear weapons will
wreak havoc like lighting strikes, and from them a "milky rain"
will occur. Weapons currently beyond our imagination will
wreak unparalleled devastation. Corpses will litter the landscape.
The very earth will "cry out in pain". The Antichrist will be so
terrible, horrible, and powerful that the rightful rulers of
countries will be utterly terrified and will not do anything to stop
his ravages. Entire dynasties will be wiped out.

(Centurie III, Quatrain 19)
Before the Antichrist takes over a place, he will rain down death
and destruction so that he can seize without opposition. He will
travel far from his resting place in doing this. Some of this
devastation will make past heinous events of the prior world
wars "look like child's play". Unlike Hitler's "rain of blood" he
will use a "rain of blood and milk."

Nuclear confrontation in the Middle East
A major nuclear confrontation will occur in the Middle East. The aggressor will have broken a promise not to use nuclear weapons in warfare. Naval fleets kept in the area by other powers will be scattered in ruins from the violence of the blast.
Radioactive fallout and its effect on people, animals, and
weather, and erupting volcanoes will turn the water of that part of the ocean a muddy red color. Because of this bodies will appear to float in blood. Because of the blasts and earth changes, rivers will change their course, and political boundary lines based on them will be redrawn.
The U.S. will have a Democratic president at the time. He will get involved with the conflict as a way of trying to stimulate the
economy from a depression.

Mediterranean campaign and the battles of Gibraltar
(Centurie III, Quatrain 10)
The Antichrist, during the Mediterranean campaign, will take
over Monaco as a crucial strategic position to advancing to Italy
and southern Europe. The successor to Prince Ranier, apparently
one of his sons, will be imprisoned after the takeover as an

(Centurie I, Quatrain 77)
In the Antichrist's Mediterranean battle Gibraltar will play a key
role. The key general, a naval officer, will succeed in saving
Gibraltar from the Antichrist's forces but will later die in an
automobile accident.
The Rock of Gibraltar will be a strategic position, captured and
retaken three times by various forces.

(Centurie I, Quatrain 98)
Marines on naval battle carriers will confront the Antichrist when
he attempts to invade Europe in the area of Crete and Thessaly,
but they will be outgunned and have to retreat probably to
Gibraltar. In the very fierce and bloody battle the Antichrist will
have to transfer many of his troops to a supply ship after a
fighting ship is sunk.

Death by radio waves

(Centurie II, Quatrain 2)
A new type of weapon involving radio waves played at a certain
frequency will be developed. At certain frequencies and
intensities the energy can cause intense pain in the nerve endings
and damage areas of the brain, or even be lethal.

Human eugenics research advanced by the King
of Terror

(Centurie X, Quatrain 72)
In 9 and WWWIII many horrible areas of research will be
pursued, including a eugenics project, i.e. breeding humans for
selected characteristics. This particular research will have been
ongoing for decades. The scientists attempt to bring back some
of the less civilized, fiercer humans, still smart but cunning and
strong, for the purpose of infantry soldiers. The governments
engage the bread humans in battles and the scientists will try to
tabulate their performance relative to normal human soldiers.
This will happen during the period of WWWIII and enormous
social unrest. U.S., Japan, Russia, and some European countries
will be involved. They have the gold to fund the research. A
"King of Terror", the "power behind the throne", is in charge of
the project. He has enormous secret influence and greatly feared,
unchallenged power over policy decisions in various countries.

That shall be all for the day. Promise to be back with more sensational prophecies..a continuation of the above topic; world war 3

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Is it the End of Days, Mr Nostradamus?

Nostradamus Prophecy
Hello dear readers. As you must have observed I have made this more of a weekly blog, posting mainly on weekends. Well encouraged by some responses, I am planning to be more frequent, maybe post every alternate day. I would love to get suggestions from anybody who has them. You can write your suggestions in the CBox at the right sidebar below previous posts and archives - for those who havent noticed it yet. Valuable comments will get a mention in my next post(s) and the commentator's name and email id wud be put in the spiritualghost hall of fame!

And now to more serious stuff. Last week I posted about deadly weapns that are being developed, and will be put to use very soon, according to the great seer, Nostradamus. Today, we shall continue with it, and thou shall come to know, how dangerously advanced thy civilization has become! Read along...

The top-secret earthquake-triggering weapon (ETW)
(Centurie IX, Quatrain 83)
A weapon will developed in secret underground laboratories that
can trigger earthquakes at existing fault zones. It will work from
a scientific principle recently discovered but not yet developed.
The weapon will involve an airplane or airborne origination that
may drop something or project a laser ray onto a region. An
extension of the device is carried in a plane that flies over the
area and focuses energy waves where the earthquake is to be
triggered. The more technologically complex power source will
be based and channeled from the secret laboratory via the plane.
The country that develops this will be able to hold it as a major
threat against major nations, because most nations have
geological faults that are susceptible to earthquakes and therefore
the weapon. The situation will parallel the development of the
atomic bomb by the U.S. in that the country will be the sole
owner and the capability for destruction will be so awe-inspiring
and frightening that everyone, including the infidels, will call
upon the saints for protection.
During the time of radical earth changes this weapon will be
applied to create many earthquakes, generally before the
Antichrist comes to power. The nation that develops the machine
builds it independent of the Antichrist's forces, but later when he
gains greater power he will be able to acquire the weapon. He'll
seize the machine for his own agenda of worldwide conquest.
The Antichrist will acquire the machine through deceit, trickery,
spies, bribery, and all other nefarious means known to man.

ETW unleashed on San Andreas and New Madrid Faults
The weapon will not be revealed immediately to the world. Only
after the country actually uses it and there is an earthquake
generated by it, followed by many others that occur without the
characteristic buildup of geological pressure, will people become
suspicious. The initial earthquake triggered by the weapon will
be sufficient to cause other earthquakes in a chain reaction. The
San Andreas and New Madrid faults in the U.S. will be affected.
The San Andreas will continually rumble and vibrate as a result
of the earthquakes triggered by the weapon, in time driving the
New Madrid fault to eventually erupt explosively and violently.
Initially geologists will think the earthquakes are due to natural
causes but later information will point elsewhere and they'll
begin to be suspicious. After more earthquakes and further
evidence they will finally confront the scientific world with the
mounting evidence that they are not natural.

Atomic device creates greenhouse effect, devastates agriculture
(Centurie X, Quatrain 70)
A type of atomic device, not exactly a bomb, will be created that when set off can disrupt the planetary climate. It will displace an air mass that will upset the balance of hot and cold, so that a greenhouse effect will get out of balance and run to the extreme, causing drastic changes in the climate, and wreak havoc on agricultural production.

(Centurie X, Quatrain 71)
The earth and the air will freeze as another effect of the atomic device described above. Many countermeasures to the
devastating climactic affects will be pursued but they will not
succeed, in spite of government announcements urging the
population to be calm and not to panic.
A famine is caused by weaponry explosions. Accidents that will affect the crops.

Death by the "milky rain" weapon
(Centurie II, Quatrain 18)
A "rain of milk" alludes to nuclear weapons with bizarre effects
on the weather, including a so-called "radiation rain". The
weapons will represent a combination of the worse aspects of
nuclear and laser weaponry. The laser weaponry, when it is shot
down upon people, will resemble a white substance coming

"Explosion of light" causes horrible birth defects

(Centurie I, Quatrain 64)
In WWWIII some of the weapons will scream through the skies
before they hit, terrifying and deadly to the population. An
atomic or laser weapon detonated at night will cause victims to
think they have seen the sun at night. The weapon produces a
huge explosion of light. In addition to vast climactic damage the
weapon will produce monstrous birth defects in babies, so that
children will look almost "swinish" (i.e. like pigs). Scientists will
frantically search for ways to alter the effects of the weapon's effect on newborns. A breakthrough will eventually be made, based on an unexpected source in the animal kingdom.

Diplomacy dies with international earthquake

The revelation of the weapon will cause a disintegration of
diplomatic nations and the United Nations will eventually
dissolve, because the paranoid nation that developed the weapon
will not share its technology but instead use it as a method of
international terrorism.

This is all for the day. Will be ready with the next post soon. Till then ciao!
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Nostradamus Prophecies;Weaponry Mixed with Natural Disasters

The great seer says;
To avoid the worst effects of the pole shift, "Stop the explosions
that the military feels are so important." Understand that what
happens with your weaponry will have a large effect on how
much or how soon this devastation [of the shift] would occur.
Make people aware of the damage that can occur to their present
weaponry system. IF people become more aware of the damage
that can be caused by the military destruction, whether voluntary
or involuntary-- if this can be prevented, the reaction set off
beneath the earth's surface would be less damaging It is the earth
changes that will be causing the danger of the weaponry, not the
use of it. Accidents will occur in the New World, because of
natural earthquakes. The results that would happen from an
earthquake near one of your military housing of the weaponry
would cause your leaders to definitely realize the dangers.

Weather modulation devices go awry, cause ice
and hail
(Centurie I, Quatrain 22)
Devices developed by man to manipulate the weather will go
awry because of faulty programming. They will cause a great
deal of damage through unseasonal ice and hail. The scientists
don't understand the forces they are dealing with and that the
natural weather pattern will overcome interference in attempting
to attain proper balance. The computers will fight the increasing
intensity and break, damaged beyond use.

Nuclear reactor meltdown near city with
underground chambers
In the US, in the Rocky Mountains, a complete city will be built
near to underground chambers blasted into a mountain for the
storage of secret records. The water pumped into a nuclear
reactor will not be totally purified, and an element in the reactor
will cause a meltdown, unleashing radioactive poison.

Space shuttle accident releases microorganisms
into atmosphere
(Centurie II, Quatrain 65)
Incompetent leaders, who got their position by family prestige, in
a joint space venture between America and France, will be
behind an accident involving a space shuttle. The ship will have
scientists on board doing biological experiments to see the effect
out of the reach of gravity. An accident and malfunction will
cause the ship to lose orbit, break up and burn on reentry. Some
of the microorganisms on board survive the fall. They will have
the potential of causing plagues.

Devastating accidental weaponry explosions from
earth tumult
With the earthquakes and volcanoes will be accidental explosion
of the weaponry that is buried in the ground. This is going to
cause great emotional turmoil within the U.S. and [Britain and
The countries in Europe will want disarmament. It is important
they realize that if this disarmament of the weapons comes about,
that will take place in the Moslem countries also.

Ruptured earth energy fields cause meteorite
(Centurie I, Quatrain 46)
Research scientists will be investigating the powers associated
with the various energy fields of the earth. They'll try to harness
the powers for different purposes, including warfare. When they
begin experiments, in an area near the North Sea they will
accidentally rupture one of the earth's fields so that a beam of
energy will shoot out into space and draw a steady stream of
meteorites to earth. They will continue to rain down until the
scientists can repair the damage. Doing so will cause an
earthquake from built-up stress. The research will be a secret
government project. To the world at large this will appear to be a
natural phenomenon and will be recorded as such in future
history books, because the government will keep the project
concealed even after the accident.

Research into warping time leads to disaster
(Centurie III, Quatrain 92)
Scientists are researching how to warp and alter time to help
change the outcome of a war. Near the end of a war, after the
second failure, the research complex is destroyed in a large
catastrophe. Because they are dealing with powers they don't
know how to control it rips them apart. People not there assume
they were hit by a missile of some sort because of the
But what really happened was that the vortexes of energy they
were trying to deal with were not fine tuned enough to work with
and they got out of control. It appears to involve England and
Northern Europe. It's in our future but the groundwork has been
laid already by scientists working on secret projects in this
direction. Something may come of it in our lifetimes but the
government will keep it under wraps.
The catastrophe will be very localized and will have some
strange side-effects in the dimension of time in the general area
there. The government was counting on it to give it an edge in
the war and loses it and will end up affecting the outcome of the

New, horrific, secret, radical weapons
monstrosities in WWWIII
(Centurie IV, Quatrain 33)
Advanced technology that is currently being developed in secret,
referred to in other quatrains, will play a part in the time of
troubles. This will coincide with great famine, plagues, and
destruction with the onset of WWWIII.
Nations will be desperate and will try anything to stop the
Antichrist. Scientists will search for new, even more radical
weapons for warfare that almost defy belief.

(Centurie II, Quatrain 32)
Instruments of death built and refined during the time of the
Antichrist will wreak great destruction. Variations on atomic
weaponry and other devices will be developed. The ultimate
monstrosity in weapons will be created near Ravenna,
culminating research that is currently in progress during the time
of troubles. The weapons will particularly disrupt the natural
earth ecology. All sides in WWWIII will "have their fair share"
of horrible weapons.

(Centurie IV, Quatrain 30)
The space program will fall into disfavor through policy changes
in the government with the emphasis shifted in a different
direction than space exploration. The change is due to some
nefarious policy making behind the scenes the voting public is
not aware of but would not approve of if they knew about it. The
policy changes of redirecting the money toward military
applications will contribute to the horrors of the changes that are
to come. The machinations behind the scenes will not be exposed
until a later date.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Nostradamus Prohecies Continued; Antichrist Unleashed

Hii friends. I wont take much of your time, and delve straight into the continuation of Nostradamus' prophecies. New readers of this blog please read from the second post titled "the prophecies of Nostradamus" , all my later blogs are continuation from that point onwards. Its like the harry potter series, only here, its mostly the story of the evil or the antichrist...and it is about a future that is very near...probably a year, or less!

The Nostradamus Prophecies continued:

Earth abuse causes agricultural devastation in
U.S. and Britain
(Centurie II, Quatrain 95)

Man will upset the balance of the earth and cause great changes
in the climate and seasons, causing much hardship and famine.
Major agricultural lands producing a lot of grain and food for the
world today will become frozen and will be unusable. The people
who live on this land and grow the food will flee like rats leaving
a sinking ship.
There will be dissension and fighting over the land. As a result of
the panic, incompetent decisions are made by the people in
power under enormous stress. Poor decisions will escalate into
major disasters. The U.S. and the United Kingdom in particular
will experience the dissension and destruction.

Underwater Russian submarine base defanged by
(Centurie III, Quatrain 21)
The Russians have built an experimental underwater submarine
base and dome in the Adriatic sea. They use it for subversive
submarine operations. When it is discovered, due to pressure
from statesmen, diplomats, and politicians, it will be brought to
the surface and the submarines will be taken away through
political maneuverings.

Extraterrestrials shot by paranoid nation,
bacteriological agents released
(Centurie II, Quatrain 91)
Extraterrestrials tried to contact us in the Siberia Tunguska
explosion in the 0s. Similarly they will again visit the earth. The
Russians are doing secret weapons research and have energy
fields guarding northern approach corridors. Another spacecraft
will arrive, paralleling this incident. When the extraterrestrial
spacecraft enters the atmosphere the fields will cause it to
malfunction and many of the crew are killed.

When they crash, soldiers will be on hand to capture or kill them.
The ship will harbor microorganisms that will react in bizarre
ways to the earth climate and cause plagues of unknown origin,
which cannot be understood because of the extraterrestrial
causative organism. The country will be at war or fixing to go to
war and will have a paranoid mindset. Thinking the crash is a
result of enemy weapons, the soldiers will shoot anything that

Extraterrestrial probe of the Watchers discovered
by scientists
(Centurie IV, Quatrain 28)
During the time of troubles, when the sun is between the earth
and Venus, i.e. from the point of view of Earth Venus is hidden
by the sun, the Watchers (extraterrestrials) will be exposed
through the powers of observation and communication. Scientists
involved with radiotelescopy and related disciplines will observe
an anomaly, and as they focus on it they come to the realization
that it is a strong indication of a real UFO. The readings are
caused by an instrument sent by the Watchers to observe
The scientists and the populace will learn more about the probe
and the Watchers. But internal dissension will be created by
fundamentalists because the existence of extraterrestrials is not
consistent with their worldview. This will take place in
approximately 7 or 8. The Watchers are returning to mankind at
this time because they are trying to help him through gentle
prodding and increasing spiritual love. They have always kept an
eye on us and have observed our growth and development.
They're looking forward to the day we can join the universal
community and help with their project in a way that's unique to

This is the end of a today's post. I will see to it that all my posts are short and crisp. And posting shall be very regular. Hope you enjoyed. Till next time, ciao.