Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Guide for Travelling in Asia

Asia is one hot travel destination if you want an exciting holiday thats value for money and does not put a pressure on your pocket. But, every place in the world is different and similarly an Asian holiday will be vastly different from an American or a European holiday. I recommend you check out the travel stories in Asia to help plan your Asian holiday.

Why should you check it out? Well there are lots of reasons for that. Firstly, its an authority blog on Asian travel news and stories which gives you valuable insights on a variety of topics related to Asian travel. For example, in one of the blog posts - Strange Cultural Habits in China, the blog author delves into some really unique cultural habits of the Chinese which would appear odd to the average westerner.

Secondly, its regularly updated with important stories. There is also one very useful post on the best beaches in Asia. Asia has some fantastic beaches which you would be hard put to find in a western country. From India to the Philippines to Indonesia, there are so many beaches to choose from that naming a few as “the best” is a difficult task. Do check them out!