Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spirituality Information - Creating Your Life After Your Death

Yes, you continue to create your "life" even after your physical death. Your continued attention on spirituality information that describes your eternal nature naturally leads you to this conclusion. Your spiritual growth benefits you while you are walking this earth by expanding your awareness beyond your earthly existence.

So how does this help us determine what happens after our physical death? Well, it opens our eyes up to this idea that we are influenced in our lives by what we believe.

Our beliefs determine the way we view life and ultimately affect the choices that we make either consciously or unconsciously. If we believe that our life is over when we die, then we consciously or unconsciously have a fear of the unknown that comes after this event.

If we believe that we are eternal and that we are all engaged in a never-ending process of conceiving, creating and experiencing all of the different aspects and perspectives of this beautiful concept called love, then we will view the ceasing of our human bodily functions not with a fear of the unknown but with a love of the known.

Our paradigm shifts from one of fear to one of love. Our paradigm shifts from believing that we don't know anything and we are just discovering everything in life, to one of believing that all things are known to us and we are in the continuous process of creating in our reality all that we know but haven't experienced yet.

We quit leading lives of quiet desperation and begin to live lives of active manifestation. Instead of settling for the mundane, we strive to reach new heights that open to vistas of incredible beauty, lightness and knowingness.

If you believe that you are a creating machine in the eternal process of creating your existence from moment-to-moment and relishing in the joy of each moment of now, then you would realize that that beingness does not stop when you choose the experience of your physical death.

When your bodily functions cease you may stop creating in this physical plane we call earth, but you will not stop creating. The mind-body-spirit being that you are will merely go on to its next creation in another form in the realm of the absolute from which it came.

In the realm of the absolute, all things will be revealed to you once again because you are no longer bound by the voluntary amnesia that you agreed to upon entering the physical universe. This concept we know as time will cease to exist because in the realm of the absolute there is no time except the eternal moment of now.

So this re-membering of your self as you become a member once again of the all that is, is a continuation of your eternal evolvement. As you move from the physical to the metaphysical you see that your creations happen instantly. You are no longer bound by the limitations of time and the physical slowness of the relative universe, so whatever thought occurs to you that you choose to pursue and manifest happens in an instant.

Many people believe that they have been good enough and followed the rules well enough in life that they will go to heaven when they die. Upon their physical death they may be holding the thought that they are going to heaven. Once they cross over from physical existence to metaphysical existence, they can choose the experience of heaven and that experience will instantly manifest in their reality.

Many people believe that they have not led a good enough life here on earth to deserve the rewards of heaven, so their thoughts and their fear of going to hell is utmost in their minds when they enter the threshold of death. Whatever they have visualized as this place called hell is created by them as they move from the physical to the metaphysical upon their earthly death.

Both realities can be created and each choice is as valid as the other. But once again, we are in the realm of the absolute now, so if you chose the experience of hell upon your death and you didn't like that experience, then, if you feel that it doesn't serve you, just like on earth, you can choose again from the infinite variety of choices available to you and, unlike the time delay for manifestation as it is on earth, your new creation will happen instantly. If you don't like the experience of hell, if it doesn't seem to serve you, then choose to create heaven and see if that serves you.

You see instantly, after your earthly death, what takes time and insight to see while you are residing in the realm of the physical. You see that every thought is creative, and you can create in your reality any thought that you choose to pursue. This takes the concept of "instant gratification" to the utmost.

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