Saturday, September 23, 2006

Is it the End of Days, Mr Nostradamus?

Nostradamus Prophecy
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And now to more serious stuff. Last week I posted about deadly weapns that are being developed, and will be put to use very soon, according to the great seer, Nostradamus. Today, we shall continue with it, and thou shall come to know, how dangerously advanced thy civilization has become! Read along...

The top-secret earthquake-triggering weapon (ETW)
(Centurie IX, Quatrain 83)
A weapon will developed in secret underground laboratories that
can trigger earthquakes at existing fault zones. It will work from
a scientific principle recently discovered but not yet developed.
The weapon will involve an airplane or airborne origination that
may drop something or project a laser ray onto a region. An
extension of the device is carried in a plane that flies over the
area and focuses energy waves where the earthquake is to be
triggered. The more technologically complex power source will
be based and channeled from the secret laboratory via the plane.
The country that develops this will be able to hold it as a major
threat against major nations, because most nations have
geological faults that are susceptible to earthquakes and therefore
the weapon. The situation will parallel the development of the
atomic bomb by the U.S. in that the country will be the sole
owner and the capability for destruction will be so awe-inspiring
and frightening that everyone, including the infidels, will call
upon the saints for protection.
During the time of radical earth changes this weapon will be
applied to create many earthquakes, generally before the
Antichrist comes to power. The nation that develops the machine
builds it independent of the Antichrist's forces, but later when he
gains greater power he will be able to acquire the weapon. He'll
seize the machine for his own agenda of worldwide conquest.
The Antichrist will acquire the machine through deceit, trickery,
spies, bribery, and all other nefarious means known to man.

ETW unleashed on San Andreas and New Madrid Faults
The weapon will not be revealed immediately to the world. Only
after the country actually uses it and there is an earthquake
generated by it, followed by many others that occur without the
characteristic buildup of geological pressure, will people become
suspicious. The initial earthquake triggered by the weapon will
be sufficient to cause other earthquakes in a chain reaction. The
San Andreas and New Madrid faults in the U.S. will be affected.
The San Andreas will continually rumble and vibrate as a result
of the earthquakes triggered by the weapon, in time driving the
New Madrid fault to eventually erupt explosively and violently.
Initially geologists will think the earthquakes are due to natural
causes but later information will point elsewhere and they'll
begin to be suspicious. After more earthquakes and further
evidence they will finally confront the scientific world with the
mounting evidence that they are not natural.

Atomic device creates greenhouse effect, devastates agriculture
(Centurie X, Quatrain 70)
A type of atomic device, not exactly a bomb, will be created that when set off can disrupt the planetary climate. It will displace an air mass that will upset the balance of hot and cold, so that a greenhouse effect will get out of balance and run to the extreme, causing drastic changes in the climate, and wreak havoc on agricultural production.

(Centurie X, Quatrain 71)
The earth and the air will freeze as another effect of the atomic device described above. Many countermeasures to the
devastating climactic affects will be pursued but they will not
succeed, in spite of government announcements urging the
population to be calm and not to panic.
A famine is caused by weaponry explosions. Accidents that will affect the crops.

Death by the "milky rain" weapon
(Centurie II, Quatrain 18)
A "rain of milk" alludes to nuclear weapons with bizarre effects
on the weather, including a so-called "radiation rain". The
weapons will represent a combination of the worse aspects of
nuclear and laser weaponry. The laser weaponry, when it is shot
down upon people, will resemble a white substance coming

"Explosion of light" causes horrible birth defects

(Centurie I, Quatrain 64)
In WWWIII some of the weapons will scream through the skies
before they hit, terrifying and deadly to the population. An
atomic or laser weapon detonated at night will cause victims to
think they have seen the sun at night. The weapon produces a
huge explosion of light. In addition to vast climactic damage the
weapon will produce monstrous birth defects in babies, so that
children will look almost "swinish" (i.e. like pigs). Scientists will
frantically search for ways to alter the effects of the weapon's effect on newborns. A breakthrough will eventually be made, based on an unexpected source in the animal kingdom.

Diplomacy dies with international earthquake

The revelation of the weapon will cause a disintegration of
diplomatic nations and the United Nations will eventually
dissolve, because the paranoid nation that developed the weapon
will not share its technology but instead use it as a method of
international terrorism.

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