Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mykonos - An Exotic Greek Island

Mykonos is a Greek island and one of the top international tourist destinations, famous around the globe for its cosmopolitan character and its intense nightlife. Mykonos hotels are some of the best in the world.

It spans an area of 105.183 km² and rises at an elevation of 1,119 ft at its highest point. The island is composed primarily of granite. It has little natural fresh water and relies on the desalination of sea water in order to meet its needs.

Mykonos is widely known for its extremely diverse and often intense nightlife featured by a vast number of bars and nightclubs. It is also distinctive for its sandy beaches. Many Greek and international celebrities have summer residences in Mykonos and can often be seen walking the white-washed roads or having dinner at a small street-side table of an expensive restaurant or a taverna.

Accommodation in Mykonos is widely available thanks to a good variety of hotels and resorts. In fact, Mykonos hotels are the lifeline of its economy thanks to the major international tourist influx influx.


Monday, April 14, 2008

New Zealand - A tourist paradise

New Zealand’s awesome landscapes, lush forests, amazing wildlife and pleasant climate make it a haven for many outdoor activities, and a great place to unwind. New Zealand society is diverse, sophisticated, and multicultural, and the honesty, friendliness, and openness of Kiwis will impress you. And the great advantage of New Zealand is that all of its diverse physical, cultural, and artistic landscapes are so close to each other. New Zealand accommodation offers a plethora of options for all kinds of tourists.

New Zealand has 3 major cities that act as te main tourist hubs:

1. Christchurch: Located on the east coast of the South Island, Christchurch - just like the rest of New Zealand - is a city of contrasts. It is a place where its residents continue to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle amidst a natural environment world-renowned for its beauty. Among the 'must sees' are the weekend Arts Centre market, Christchurch Cathedral, Botanic Gardens and International Antarctic Centre. Orana Park is New Zealand's largest wildlife reserve and Willowbank Wildlife Reserve has among its displays New Zealand's largest daytime kiwi viewing area. Christchurch accommodation is easy to get and suits every budget.

2. Auckland: Auckland is New Zealand's biggest city. Wherever you stay in Auckland, you're never far from breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches, invigorating walks, idyllic holiday islands, outstanding food and wine, great shopping and exciting nightlife. Auckland's temperate climate, easy access to the coast and variety of activities earn the city consistent top five rankings in international lifestyle surveys. Prices at Auckland hotels start from as little as USD$20.00 while 5 star Auckland accommodation is available from USD$126.00.

3. Wellington: Wellington, New Zealand's capital city, has so much to offer. Set on the edge of a stunning harbour and surrounded by rolling hills, it's a city waiting to be explored. Wellington is New Zealand's political centre, housing Parliament and the head offices of all government ministries and departments, plus the bulk of the foreign diplomatic missions based in New Zealand. Wellington's compact city centre supports an arts scene, café culture and nightlife much larger than most cities of a similar size. It is a centre of New Zealand's film and theatre industry. Wellington has the 12th best quality of living in the world, according to a 2007 study by consulting company Mercer. Wellington accommodation rates start from $63 and my swell up to $1000 for the best luxury hotels.