Saturday, January 12, 2008

Travelling to the Heart of Europe

At the very centre - the very heart of Europe lie 2 beautiful countries that charm the tourist with sheer magic. If you havent guessed it yet, they are Germany and Austria!

As holiday destinations , Germany and Austria have a lot of advantages - they are fashionable , efficient and have dynamic cities like Berlin , Munich and Frankfurt , Vienna alongwith quaint old towns and villages that seem straight out of the Brothers Grimm. And Berlin hotels are an attraction in themselves too.

Naure has also blessed these places which have deep forests – like the famous Black Forest. Other major attractions include fairy-tale castles, and to top it all off, the finest range of beers.

Germany hotels suit every budget, but remember Berlin hotels - that is those located in the capital city, might just be more expensive! Meanwhile, Austria a country where the same languae - German is spoken, and its capital Veinna (Wien) is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. You might not get booking in Wien hotels if you're too late!