Wednesday, September 27, 2006

World War III - Antichrist Vs West

Hello everybody. My blog got into a bit of a controversy recently, when a famous blogger Debbie Hamilton wrote negatively about my blog on reading about the prophecy of the currerrent Pope's assasination. He thought I was a fundamentalist bent hardcore on getting the Pope killed for his recent comments on Prophet Mohammed. Well then I explained to him that I just wrote about it because it was a prediction of Nostradamus, there was nothing personal or relegious about it and that it was too sensational a prophecy to avoid. It was then that Debbie replied through comments on my last post: "Is it the End of days Mr Nostradamus" (September 23, 2006) . He apologised for his conduct, and actually rewrote his post reccomending people to read my blog! You can read Debbie's comments there and also visit his blog by clicking on his name.

Before we continue our journey in the world of Nostradamus Prohecies, please take out time to visit my squidoo lens - , about which I had also mentioned towards the end of my previous post. The Prophecies continued:

WWIII Overview: horrible battles, weapons, devastation, death

Because of the new awareness the western civilization has come
upon, and because of the accelerated rate of the shifting of the
earth's crust, and because of the conjunction of the planets, the
war *might* be avoided. Depending on the speed at which the
natural events occur. For as in any civilization, when natural
disasters occur this is more prominent than military conquest.

(Centurie II, Quatrain 40)
During the time of troubles and WWWIII there will be massive
naval, air, and land battles. The ultra-secret weapons that are
brought forth will shock and stun the world.

(Centurie VIII, Quatrain 17)
The Antichrist will not hesitate to use bacteriological warfare as
well as conventional warfare, causing hunger, fire and plagues.
The causative organisms will be more virulent than ever and
hence increasingly lethal.

(Centurie II, Quatrain 18)

When the Antichrist is taking over Europe, nuclear weapons will
wreak havoc like lighting strikes, and from them a "milky rain"
will occur. Weapons currently beyond our imagination will
wreak unparalleled devastation. Corpses will litter the landscape.
The very earth will "cry out in pain". The Antichrist will be so
terrible, horrible, and powerful that the rightful rulers of
countries will be utterly terrified and will not do anything to stop
his ravages. Entire dynasties will be wiped out.

(Centurie III, Quatrain 19)
Before the Antichrist takes over a place, he will rain down death
and destruction so that he can seize without opposition. He will
travel far from his resting place in doing this. Some of this
devastation will make past heinous events of the prior world
wars "look like child's play". Unlike Hitler's "rain of blood" he
will use a "rain of blood and milk."

Nuclear confrontation in the Middle East
A major nuclear confrontation will occur in the Middle East. The aggressor will have broken a promise not to use nuclear weapons in warfare. Naval fleets kept in the area by other powers will be scattered in ruins from the violence of the blast.
Radioactive fallout and its effect on people, animals, and
weather, and erupting volcanoes will turn the water of that part of the ocean a muddy red color. Because of this bodies will appear to float in blood. Because of the blasts and earth changes, rivers will change their course, and political boundary lines based on them will be redrawn.
The U.S. will have a Democratic president at the time. He will get involved with the conflict as a way of trying to stimulate the
economy from a depression.

Mediterranean campaign and the battles of Gibraltar
(Centurie III, Quatrain 10)
The Antichrist, during the Mediterranean campaign, will take
over Monaco as a crucial strategic position to advancing to Italy
and southern Europe. The successor to Prince Ranier, apparently
one of his sons, will be imprisoned after the takeover as an

(Centurie I, Quatrain 77)
In the Antichrist's Mediterranean battle Gibraltar will play a key
role. The key general, a naval officer, will succeed in saving
Gibraltar from the Antichrist's forces but will later die in an
automobile accident.
The Rock of Gibraltar will be a strategic position, captured and
retaken three times by various forces.

(Centurie I, Quatrain 98)
Marines on naval battle carriers will confront the Antichrist when
he attempts to invade Europe in the area of Crete and Thessaly,
but they will be outgunned and have to retreat probably to
Gibraltar. In the very fierce and bloody battle the Antichrist will
have to transfer many of his troops to a supply ship after a
fighting ship is sunk.

Death by radio waves

(Centurie II, Quatrain 2)
A new type of weapon involving radio waves played at a certain
frequency will be developed. At certain frequencies and
intensities the energy can cause intense pain in the nerve endings
and damage areas of the brain, or even be lethal.

Human eugenics research advanced by the King
of Terror

(Centurie X, Quatrain 72)
In 9 and WWWIII many horrible areas of research will be
pursued, including a eugenics project, i.e. breeding humans for
selected characteristics. This particular research will have been
ongoing for decades. The scientists attempt to bring back some
of the less civilized, fiercer humans, still smart but cunning and
strong, for the purpose of infantry soldiers. The governments
engage the bread humans in battles and the scientists will try to
tabulate their performance relative to normal human soldiers.
This will happen during the period of WWWIII and enormous
social unrest. U.S., Japan, Russia, and some European countries
will be involved. They have the gold to fund the research. A
"King of Terror", the "power behind the throne", is in charge of
the project. He has enormous secret influence and greatly feared,
unchallenged power over policy decisions in various countries.

That shall be all for the day. Promise to be back with more sensational prophecies..a continuation of the above topic; world war 3