Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The New World Order...... continued

According to Nostradamus, in the new world order (after world war 3), there would be many more positive occurences for mankind. The Nostradamus prophecies continued, my friends:

Great Genius unifies religion and science
(Centurie VII, Quatrain 14)
The Great Genius will help unify science and religion and bring
about the enlightenment and peace of the Age of Aquarius
foretold by prophets. People will be able to free their inner selves
and open themselves up to the higher powers and the higher
levels of the universe. In effect it will make everyone a
philosopher. Sects and religions that embrace the newly
discovered principles will be widespread as adherents meet and
share experiences in exploring the "upper regions".

Great Genius discovers the science of miracles
(Centurie III, Quatrain 2)
The great genius will realize the magic of alchemy through his
discoveries and inventions. The new philosophy engendered by
his discoveries will encourage the development of mental powers
and anything will seem possible in the climate of a greater unity
of mind, soul, body, and emotions. People will be able to
manipulate the basic forces of the universe in a way that will
seem utterly fantastic to those not involved with the occult.
People presently involved in occult and psychic realms currently
deal with these forces without understanding, but in the future
understanding will be present, sharpening the efficacy of the art.

Astonishing feats of medicine
(Centurie II, Quatrain 13)
Future medicine will reach astonishing sophistication by today's
standards and will eventually be able to renew a body or "breathe
back the spirit" into, i.e. reanimate the body. A breakthrough in
science will have a profound effect and man will finally "touch
God", so to speak. The spiritual core of the universe that
animates everything through life-force will be discovered, the
central source of this the divine spirit. It will seem like a
profound rebirth of humanity.

New philosophy of the Age of

(Centurie I, Quatrain 69)
A new philosophy will emerge in the New Age, more compatible with the reality of the higher planes and life on earth. The philosophy will have seven basic tenets that appear simple on the
surface but are actually very deep. After a period of peace the people of earth will become lax and uncaring of the higher aspects of spirituality because they "have it easy". A war and
famine and other hardships will turn minds toward higher realizations as people think there must be something more to their existence. It will absolve existing contradictions in philosophies that perplex people, and will overturn older,
established religions. It will have sociological effects and will affect the laws of countries. The philosophy has its roots in the Age of Aquarius.