Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Happening Nightlife Beckons You

Nightlife - the word sends energy waves in many people's bodies, while others feel more content to sleep away the darkness! Night owls have limited options in most places, but there are some countries and cities, which are truly the hubs of a dazzling nightlife. One such place is France - and mostly because of its renowned capital city - Paris.

Visit Paris, and you will want to be back for more. Its a city right out of renaissance and into the 21st century. Louvre, Arc de triumph and Eiffel tower jostle for space with pubs, dsicotheques and all night restaurants. Not only is Paris the city of light, but of sound, music, dance, and revelry. Progressive Paris also promises a wealth of nighttime opportunities for gay men and women, mostly in the Marais neighborhood.

If you don't like the French, you might prefer the English! The UK is known for its laidback lifestyle, along with its famous pubs and nightclubs. London - the capital city, is world famous for its party vibe and non-stop nightlife. It is seething with after-hours drinking and dancing dens of all shapes and sizes. From the pulsating dancefloors of major nightclubs to the chilled intimacy of smaller DJ bars, London has something to offer both hardcore party animals and those looking for a quiet drink and conversation. If you plan to visit London, you should be looking to book hotels near London attractions for ease of travel.

However, London is not just the only city in UK to boast of a great nightlife. Manchester is also a fast developing night life hub. From the theme clubs of Peter Street to the underground club nights in the Northern Quarter, Manchester's nightlife has matured since the 'Madchester' era, when the Hacienda and the Boardwalk us on the clubbing map. The club scene made famous by the Haçienda continues to draw crowds. And there’s a stack of smaller, edgier live music venues offering you a chance to catch the next Smiths or Stone Rose. Its a city that loves to party with a huge student population chomping at the bit - you are guaranteed cracking nightlife. Make sure you book hotels in Manchester CBD for the best experience.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Vacation in Mumbai

Last week I travelled to Mumbai, India's commercial capital and home to the popular Hindi film industry - Bollywood. I loved the place.

Some pics:

juhu beach sunsetSun about to set at Juhu Beach

Haji aliDargah of Sufi Saint Haji Ali

versova beachMagic hour at Versova beach

Haji ali from outsideLong shot of Haji Ali right after sunset

Not only is Mumbai a great industrial harbour and India's entertainment hub, but it is also considered one of the safest cities in Asia. To be more specific, a place wear women can feel safe travelling alone at night.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mykonos - An Exotic Greek Island

Mykonos is a Greek island and one of the top international tourist destinations, famous around the globe for its cosmopolitan character and its intense nightlife. Mykonos hotels are some of the best in the world.

It spans an area of 105.183 km² and rises at an elevation of 1,119 ft at its highest point. The island is composed primarily of granite. It has little natural fresh water and relies on the desalination of sea water in order to meet its needs.

Mykonos is widely known for its extremely diverse and often intense nightlife featured by a vast number of bars and nightclubs. It is also distinctive for its sandy beaches. Many Greek and international celebrities have summer residences in Mykonos and can often be seen walking the white-washed roads or having dinner at a small street-side table of an expensive restaurant or a taverna.

Accommodation in Mykonos is widely available thanks to a good variety of hotels and resorts. In fact, Mykonos hotels are the lifeline of its economy thanks to the major international tourist influx influx.


Monday, April 14, 2008

New Zealand - A tourist paradise

New Zealand’s awesome landscapes, lush forests, amazing wildlife and pleasant climate make it a haven for many outdoor activities, and a great place to unwind. New Zealand society is diverse, sophisticated, and multicultural, and the honesty, friendliness, and openness of Kiwis will impress you. And the great advantage of New Zealand is that all of its diverse physical, cultural, and artistic landscapes are so close to each other. New Zealand accommodation offers a plethora of options for all kinds of tourists.

New Zealand has 3 major cities that act as te main tourist hubs:

1. Christchurch: Located on the east coast of the South Island, Christchurch - just like the rest of New Zealand - is a city of contrasts. It is a place where its residents continue to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle amidst a natural environment world-renowned for its beauty. Among the 'must sees' are the weekend Arts Centre market, Christchurch Cathedral, Botanic Gardens and International Antarctic Centre. Orana Park is New Zealand's largest wildlife reserve and Willowbank Wildlife Reserve has among its displays New Zealand's largest daytime kiwi viewing area. Christchurch accommodation is easy to get and suits every budget.

2. Auckland: Auckland is New Zealand's biggest city. Wherever you stay in Auckland, you're never far from breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches, invigorating walks, idyllic holiday islands, outstanding food and wine, great shopping and exciting nightlife. Auckland's temperate climate, easy access to the coast and variety of activities earn the city consistent top five rankings in international lifestyle surveys. Prices at Auckland hotels start from as little as USD$20.00 while 5 star Auckland accommodation is available from USD$126.00.

3. Wellington: Wellington, New Zealand's capital city, has so much to offer. Set on the edge of a stunning harbour and surrounded by rolling hills, it's a city waiting to be explored. Wellington is New Zealand's political centre, housing Parliament and the head offices of all government ministries and departments, plus the bulk of the foreign diplomatic missions based in New Zealand. Wellington's compact city centre supports an arts scene, café culture and nightlife much larger than most cities of a similar size. It is a centre of New Zealand's film and theatre industry. Wellington has the 12th best quality of living in the world, according to a 2007 study by consulting company Mercer. Wellington accommodation rates start from $63 and my swell up to $1000 for the best luxury hotels.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spirituality Information - Creating Your Life After Your Death

Yes, you continue to create your "life" even after your physical death. Your continued attention on spirituality information that describes your eternal nature naturally leads you to this conclusion. Your spiritual growth benefits you while you are walking this earth by expanding your awareness beyond your earthly existence.

So how does this help us determine what happens after our physical death? Well, it opens our eyes up to this idea that we are influenced in our lives by what we believe.

Our beliefs determine the way we view life and ultimately affect the choices that we make either consciously or unconsciously. If we believe that our life is over when we die, then we consciously or unconsciously have a fear of the unknown that comes after this event.

If we believe that we are eternal and that we are all engaged in a never-ending process of conceiving, creating and experiencing all of the different aspects and perspectives of this beautiful concept called love, then we will view the ceasing of our human bodily functions not with a fear of the unknown but with a love of the known.

Our paradigm shifts from one of fear to one of love. Our paradigm shifts from believing that we don't know anything and we are just discovering everything in life, to one of believing that all things are known to us and we are in the continuous process of creating in our reality all that we know but haven't experienced yet.

We quit leading lives of quiet desperation and begin to live lives of active manifestation. Instead of settling for the mundane, we strive to reach new heights that open to vistas of incredible beauty, lightness and knowingness.

If you believe that you are a creating machine in the eternal process of creating your existence from moment-to-moment and relishing in the joy of each moment of now, then you would realize that that beingness does not stop when you choose the experience of your physical death.

When your bodily functions cease you may stop creating in this physical plane we call earth, but you will not stop creating. The mind-body-spirit being that you are will merely go on to its next creation in another form in the realm of the absolute from which it came.

In the realm of the absolute, all things will be revealed to you once again because you are no longer bound by the voluntary amnesia that you agreed to upon entering the physical universe. This concept we know as time will cease to exist because in the realm of the absolute there is no time except the eternal moment of now.

So this re-membering of your self as you become a member once again of the all that is, is a continuation of your eternal evolvement. As you move from the physical to the metaphysical you see that your creations happen instantly. You are no longer bound by the limitations of time and the physical slowness of the relative universe, so whatever thought occurs to you that you choose to pursue and manifest happens in an instant.

Many people believe that they have been good enough and followed the rules well enough in life that they will go to heaven when they die. Upon their physical death they may be holding the thought that they are going to heaven. Once they cross over from physical existence to metaphysical existence, they can choose the experience of heaven and that experience will instantly manifest in their reality.

Many people believe that they have not led a good enough life here on earth to deserve the rewards of heaven, so their thoughts and their fear of going to hell is utmost in their minds when they enter the threshold of death. Whatever they have visualized as this place called hell is created by them as they move from the physical to the metaphysical upon their earthly death.

Both realities can be created and each choice is as valid as the other. But once again, we are in the realm of the absolute now, so if you chose the experience of hell upon your death and you didn't like that experience, then, if you feel that it doesn't serve you, just like on earth, you can choose again from the infinite variety of choices available to you and, unlike the time delay for manifestation as it is on earth, your new creation will happen instantly. If you don't like the experience of hell, if it doesn't seem to serve you, then choose to create heaven and see if that serves you.

You see instantly, after your earthly death, what takes time and insight to see while you are residing in the realm of the physical. You see that every thought is creative, and you can create in your reality any thought that you choose to pursue. This takes the concept of "instant gratification" to the utmost.

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