Saturday, October 28, 2006

After the Antichrist..ctd

I apologize for the delay in posting. I was quite busy in Diwali celebrations with friends and family. Diwali - the festival of lights, is one of the most important festivals for Hindus. Anyways, we shall talk about that later, since its not related to the topic we are tracking.

It is time now, that we continued with Nostradamus prophe
cies regarding the time after World war 3 and the Antichrist's defeat:

Old vs. Young Souls

There is now (implying the time after wwwiii) a higher proportion of old souls in the world than
there has ever been before, because the old souls will be needed
to help the world survive. They can be found everywhere,
permeated in the oddest places. The old souls will be in
communication with each other and they are the ones that will
help things hold together and survive.

Nostradamus states that his communication is intended to help us
avoid the worst-case scenarios of his visions that could be
averted with great determination and resolve. The time of
troubles will be a very trying time. The spirits on the earth at this
time are there by choice to work through major amounts of
karma. Living in this stressful period will be like concentrated
karma, or the equivalent of ten average human lifetimes.
The older and more advanced spirits volunteered. Some younger
spirits were simply feeling adventurous. Others are here not
because they wanted to in their hearts, but they had to or it would
be the "end of the line for them" as far as spiritual advancement.
They're not fully volunteers but just enforced volunteers, so to
speak, because they knew they had no other choice. Most of the
people are understandably unhappy, but some make the best of
the situation and some don't.

Scientific discoveries reaffirm Eastern religion
(Centurie II, Quatrain 22)
Military scientists--not those researching weapons, but doing
research-- will discover a new force other than the basic ones of
electricity, magnetism, gravity, etc. shortly after the time of
troubles. This new force will give supporting evidence for

Eastern religious views. The countries in this part of the world,
particularly India, will "turn inward" to contemplate the
discovery and rise in greater glory than through outward
communication with other nations. It is not so much a discovery
but a realization.
The evidence for the force has been in front of us but the facts
have been misinterpreted and wrongly associated with other
phenomena, such as "statistical aberration". The force will relate
to mystical phenomena such as teleportation.

More open, frequent contact with extraterrestrials
(Centurie I, Quatrain 29)

After the time of troubles there will be much closer and open
contact with extraterrestrials and UFOs. One extraterrestrial race
will be heading for an undersea, sea floor base they have
established but the craft will malfunction and be cast up on the
shore. The people will perceive them as the enemy out of terror.
Some of the "Others" are enemies, and some are not. There is
more than one group of "Watchers". Some mean well for
mankind and some have more selfish motives in mind.

"Green" revolution, return to the land

(Centurie II, Quatrain 19)
People will turn to peace after the horrors of the Antichrist. A
"green" revolution with roots in the social revolution of the early
0s will ensue. People will live in extended families beyond the
nuclear families of the modern era. Larger families and groups of
people are needed to build and support new communities. The
new communities will be very earth and ecology-conscious.
They will help heal the earth of the horrible degradations of
weaponry from WWWIII.

They will reclaim and cultivate wasted, misused, or unusable
land for farmland. Since the will for peace is all-encompassing,
building defenses will not be necessary. In direct reversal of the
20th century trend, cities will be torn down to expose soil to
sunlight and make room for farming. So many will have died
during WWWIII that plenty of land will be available to the low density
population. People will be inherently pacific and reclaim
land beneath concrete instead of fighting over land.