Friday, October 06, 2006

The Climax; fighting the antichrist

There will one day spring from the brain of science a machine or force so fearful in its potentialities, so absolutely terrifying, that even man, the fighter, who will dare torture and death in order to inflict torture and death, will be appalled, and so abandon war forever.
-Thomas A. Edison

Lovely quote isnt it? But how true to context it seems in today's world. Especially at a time when we seem to be arriving at a clash of civilizations. Well anyway, what will happen, will happen...and we can only do as human beings can.

Im quite excited now, as we are reaching towards the climax of world war 3 and the environment during that time, as predicted by Nostradamus. Here's the continuation of the prophecies of the great seer:

Seas, rivers, lakes boil; famines lead to insane

(Centurie II, Quatrain 75)
During WWWIII shipping and normal trade will be seriously disrupted. Some countries will have excesses of food, such as
bushels of wheat, but the price will be so out of proportion that
no one will be able to buy it. In countries where there is famine,
people will resort to cannibalism to stay alive. The wheat in other
countries will be stored in silos and rot because they cannot get rid of it,
cannot sell it. The price of the wheat is enormous in cost
partly because it is very dangerous to deliver or ship it anywhere
during wartime.

(Centurie V, Quatrain 98)
A very great drought will occur in the European continent during
the time of the Antichrist. Fish will die as seas, rivers, and lakes
boil. The Antichrist will be behind it. This event is not the same
but is related to the boiling fish at the Dark Point ( , Centurie II,
Quatrain 3). Two sites will be in distress from "fire in the sky".

(Centurie II, Quatrain 18)
The extremes in weather during the time of the Antichrist will
affect a battle. Extreme rain and hail will take by surprise two
armies lined up to do battle. As an alternative plan to
confrontation they try to fly planes above the clouds to drop
bombs on the opposing forces, "fire and stones falling from the

(Centurie IX, Quatrain 31)
The earth, after a relative period of peace, will suffer a great
natural disaster, involving severe earthquakes that rip the crust
open, spewing lava. The major earthquake will trigger other
earthquakes that will destroy large land areas. Famine and
fighting will set in. Countries will fight with each other over
surplus food: India and China will march to seize the corn and
wheat fields of Russia and eastern Europe. Communications will
break down. Religious leaders will lose credibility because of the
inability to explain the earth changes. Christianity will falter.

(Centurie I, Quatrain 67)
The climactic changes caused by the detonation of the terrible
weapons will cause famines in scattered areas, and conditions
will get worse. The uninhabitable regions will continue to grow
until the areas connect large surfaces of the earth's land masses,
and the majority of humanity will be suffering. People will
become virtually insane with the persistent lack of food, and will
eat things like tree roots, and even seize newborn infants.

Antichrist's commander succumbs to key
strategic failure

(Centurie VI, Quatrain 33)
The Anti-Christ's supreme commander will make a major failure
of judgment on the field in an extremely strategic battle and the
bulk of his forces are captured or killed. The supreme
commander misuses some technology that has not yet been
developed, causing his downfall.

Russia breaks free of the Antichrist

(Centurie VI, Quatrain 21)
The Antichrist will seem all powerful and all conquering and the
situation will appear hopeless. But "his star will be falling" and
his power will crack in crucial places. The U.S., Canada, Russia,
and later, northern Europe, unite together. In particular, even
though the Antichrist has taken over all of Asia, after a period he
is no longer able to control Russia. Russia breaks free and unites
with the unconquered countries.
The alliance strikes terror into the Antichrist who glimpses the
beginning of the end and his potential failure. He chooses
another field commander to continue his campaign, but the effort
fails. Rhodes and Byzantium, the site of his regional
headquarters, will be engaged in the most intense fighting. The
"northern pole alliance" will diminish his power by breaking
down his chain of command, communication capabilities, etc.
and attempt to break his stranglehold on his conquered
territories. This is the beginning of a turning point in WWWIII.

North Pole Alliance of North America, Europe,
Russia forms

(Centurie VIII, Quatrain 17)

At a point the Antichrist's forces become complacent from so
many frequent and rapid conquests. They will begin to lose some
battles and see their power is not forever.
The Antichrist will have taken over a large part of the world and
will become complacent. "Three brothers", the "alliance of the
pole", i.e. North America, Europe, and Russia, will trouble the
Antichrist and his world will tremble. France will be united with
the alliance in spirit, if not actually physically, because the
country will weaken seriously from the Antichrist's degradations.

Well thats it for the day. Hope you liked it. Please to write in your comments and suggestions. The next post shall be even more exciting - the antichrist dethroned to be precise....