Friday, November 17, 2006

Are You Prepared For World War Three? Part-II

In the last post we talked about what kind of people are ready for world war 3.

First, there are the people who are already victims of major wars, the people in Palestine,
Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Colombia.....

Second, there are the people who plan and wish to execute
nuclear wars.

Third, there are the people who saw it coming and had the
foresight to move to remote locations in the Southern
Hemisphere. As long as widespread nuclear explosions didn't
trigger a pole shift, those in the lower Southern Hemisphere
would be relatively safe from the nuclear winter that will follow
World War Three and render the entire Northern Hemisphere
completely uninhabitable. The winds in the world are pretty
much hemisphere specific, so that the winds that blow around the
world in the Northern Hemisphere don't cross over into the
southern, and vice versa, although with the magnitude and
volume of these explosions in all-out nuclear war, there is bound
to be some crossover. Humph. Sonofagun. You have this all
worked out, don't you?

What will you do when it actually happens?

When what actually happens?

When World War Three actually happens, how will I find out about it?

Well, there are several ways you could find out about it. If you
lived in an urban area like New York or Beijing or Cairo or
Teheran, you'd probably find out about it when you saw a flash
of light brighter than anything you've ever imagined, but it would
last for only a millisecond and then you'd see nothing ever again.
If, like most people, you lived in towns moderately close to these
cities, you'd probably feel these humongous thumps and wonder
why your house was disintegrating all around you. If you lived
way out in the sticks you'd start to see these radiant atmospheric
flashes, feel relatively gentle ground tremors, and then in a few
hours you'd see a smoky blackness creeping toward you from the
direction of the cities that would grow blacker and blacker as the
hours passed. Depending on each person's individual perceptual
skills, it would be a matter of minutes or hours before you
realized you would never see the sun again, because you will
never survive the abject cold that would be produced by the sun
being blotted out for probably from five to 15 years, except, as I
said before, in extremely lucky places in the way Southern
Hemisphere. Didn't you ever wonder why all those Israelis are
buying up huge chunks of real estate in Patagonia?

You mean I won't see something on television and be able to
briefly feel a pang of remorse about someone else being killed
far away, and then be able to put it out of my mind so I could
watch Monday Night Football with my usual intense focus?

Not likely. Here's a variation on the initial question. What would
you do if you got information that you really believed and trusted
that World War Three was about to start in a few months? What
steps would you take to prepare yourself?

How would I know I could trust the information?

Well, you'd hear it from the sources you always trusted. Your
newspapers, your TV, maybe even from some particularly
reliable Internet site.

But would I believe it? Would I be willing to give up everything
I've worked for all my life, and just bolt into the wild blue yonder
because I read something some journalist, no matter how well
connected, might have just dreamed up?

This discussion, to be continued in the next post on this blog on Nostradamus and his prophecies.