Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Are You Prepared for World War 3? Part-III

Hmmm. So are you prepared? Lol. Ok, we're going to continue the discussion we were having in my previous to last post, Are you prepared for world war 3? Part-II . ..which is a continuation of its previous post, Are you prepared for world war 3 ! So here continues our discussion, with the blessings of Nostradamus:

Well, let's say you had an inside source in the secret government, and he told you about the plan. Let's say you regarded it as having the authenticity of all those insider stock tips he'd given
you over the years that had made you a bundle. Someone who could discourse effortlessly on Masonic kingpin Albert Pike's 1 prediction that there would be THREE World Wars and final one would begin in the Middle East and erase both Zionized Christendom and Islamic world in one mighty stroke. And someone who had scary connections with alphabet intelligence agencies.

Yes, I see. What would I do? Hmmm.

Would you run, or would you try to alert others? Oh dogbiscuits! You know what it's like to tell people that you really know what's going on, and that they don't. They think you've got marbles rattling around in your brain, and they just ignore you, at best. At worst, they call Homeland Security and the men in the little white coats with the large guns show up at your door. At least, you become socially ostracized for not going along with what everybody else believes.

So which would you do?

Well, I guess I'd try to find out if the tip was real or not, and if I
determined it WAS real, I'd try to alert the most important people
I know to see if they could do something about it.

What would make you decide if the tip was real or not?

Well, our best sources are on TV, I think. At least that's what
everybody believes. Most people don't believe something is
really real unless they see it on television.

So you're saying that what you see on TV is actually real?

No, I'm not that naive. I know stuff that appears on the news is
often shaded by those who own the TV networks to inflict the
spin they want to put on most world events. Hell, that's how we
got in all those wars.

So what if someone on TV, highly reputable, came on and
predicted all-out nuclear war? Would you act on that?

Probably not. I wouldn't believe him.

OK, say you were certain of the tip you received being real. Then
what would you do?

I'd call the police, then my congressperson.

And what would you do if they all said you were nuts? And then
they said they knew who the bad guys really were, because they
had this evidence that they couldn't really tell you about because
of National Security, but they were going to nuke them all to

I don't know. Cry? Or run into the street screaming.

OK, one more question. If you had the power to impact a large
number of people and the money to arrange some effective plan
of action to the catch the people who were planning to use
nuclear weapons, and you were certain that they were going to
carry out their plan on the basis of at least 50 years of continuing
atrocities perpetrated against innocent people which they later
blamed on completely innocent patsies, what would you do .....?