Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dreams and Prophecies...

Namaste!...friends I am delighted because my blog is becoming popular, and so I have adverts on my blog now...if you look carefully you will find them. Today we'l talk a bit on dream interpretation. Did u know that dream interpretation is not just about predicting what's in store for you but is also an indicator of your personality!!
For example, if u dream that ur standing naked in a public place, all is often a reflection of your vulnerability or shamefulness. You may be hiding something and are afraid that others can nevertheless see right through you.Nudity also symbolizes being caught off guard. Finding yourself naked at work or in a classroom, suggests that you are unprepared for a project at work or school. You may be uninformed in making a well-formed decision. With all eyes on you, you have this fear of having some deed brought to public attention. You fear that people will see through your true self and you will be exposed as a fraud or a phony.

On the other hand,
if you are flying with ease and enjoying the scene and landscape below, then it suggests that you are on top of a situation. You have risen above something. It may also mean that you have gained a different perspective on things. Flying dreams and the ability to control your flight is representative of your own personal sense of power. And now we continue with the predictions and prophecies of Nostradamus:

Antichrists' unified monetary system
(Centurie I, Quatrain 40)
The Antichrist will start uniting the monetary systems of his
region to help merge them into a single political entity. His
ambition to rule the world will be advanced by instituting a
single currency with others going defunct. There will be a resistance to this, particularly by a popular, charismatic leader
from Egypt, demanding the edict and law be withdrawn that
requires the Arab nations give up their currencies and be
submissive to the unified political conglomerate.

Antichrist's seizure of Asia
(Centurie IV, Quatrain 50)
The Antichrist will take over Asia by appointing sub
commanders to rule vast tracts of land for him. But their ties to
him will be masked and the world will not realize they are
merely puppets until a succession of them are installed in the
place of predecessors. At first the U.S. will not interfere because
it is thought the government was freely chosen by the people, but
only later realize the leaders were forced on the populace as
mouthpieces and tools for the Antichrist.
(Centurie III, Quatrain 95)
Russia will be his first major Asian conquest and he will do it not
through force but through guile and his compelling
persuasiveness. He will trick the Russians to come under his
power and there will be nothing they can do about it. They will
think they are acting in their own best interests. The Middle East
will be mostly under his control before he turns to Russia. Then
he turns to China and the rest of the Asian continent, to build a
position to take over the entire world. He will not trick the
Chinese but will some other method.

Antichrist's cultural eradication & European
(Centurie II, Quatrain 15)
When the second pope is assassinated, the Antichrist will begin
his European campaign. The Prime Minister of Britain and the
U.S. President will go into consultation over the matter. They
will meet at sea like Churchill and Roosevelt did for better
security and secrecy of the meetings.
(Centurie II, Quatrain 81)
During the use of his weapons and the ravages of war, one of the
devastatingly effective plans of attack by the Antichrist is to
threaten the destruction of the victim's cultural centers, not so
much physical destruction of the populace. Because the
population attributes great value to places and artifacts with large
historical and cultural significance, the terrorist-extortionist
technique will be very powerful in striking fear into his foe and
"bringing them to their knees".
To put Europe into an initial shock, he will begin to smash and
destroy the city of Rome to rubble via aerial bombing raids. It
will be destroyed to such an extent that the "seven hills of Rome"
will be leveled. Rome will be so annihilated as to be threatened
by an encroachment from the sea, destroying all that is left.
He will also threaten the cultural centers of Greece and the great
Greek cultural centers of learning, including Athens. Most
cultural treasures and major metropolitan centers of the entire
peninsula will be destroyed. The world leaders will be
momentarily shocked and paralyzed by his barbarity. In the
presence of their indecisiveness and absence of their action he
will make great strides in taking over territory and governments.
The Antichrist will continually use shocking and unprecedented
moves like these to advance his domination throughout the entire
The eradication of cultural treasures also fits in with the
Antichrist's ulterior motive of wiping out the established culture
to supplant it with his own, like the Moors attempted when they
invaded Spain, except in his case on the level of an entire
(Centurie II, Quatrain 84)
Drought and weather changes will take place during the time of
troubles. The Antichrist will take over Italy and Greece by
destroying the cultural centers to devastate morale of the
subjugated citizens.

Ogmios is the counterforce to the Antichrist who will help tear
down the tyranny and balance the universe in a way that is
harmonious to man's central spiritual source. He will be
supported by many countries still fighting the Antichrist. He will
probably arise from the underground movement. In one of the
countries conquered by the Antichrist the underground will be
tightly organized. Ogmios will arise from it, and confront the
Antichrist in the area in Eurasia close to Constantinople, as
WWWIII is approaching its end. Ogmios wil come from
somewhere in central Europe. He is very well prepared
spiritually for the task, because his opponent is very powerful
with a strong aura of negative powers.
Ogmios will be "of the people". He will have worked up through
the ranks from a simple background, attaining his
accomplishments through honest work. He will have technical
training but will rely mainly on his practicality. He's an old soul
who has his priorities straight and can see the root of matters. He
is one who will help pave the way for the "Great Genius".
Ogmios realizes he is not the one to lead the world to ultimate
peace, but he is the one to help bring down "the one who would
destroy the world" (the Antichrist) to open the way for the one
who will guide the world to ultimate peace.