Monday, August 27, 2007

A Cool New Travel Blog

While surfing on the net for some travel information, I came across this relatively new but seemingly great travel blog. Titled RatesToGo, it is well designed with well detailed information on various travel destinations around the world. The main categories on this blog are Asia, Europe, North America and the world. On closer look I realised that this blog is part of an older webite that was launched in 2002 -! It is owned and operated by Flairview travel.

While surfing through the blog, I found some of the entries completely enchanting. It would be a crime not to mention a couple of them. There is an entry on the Three Most Futuristic Cities - in which the author talks about why and how Dubai, Hong Kong and Tokyo are the three most futuristic cities of the world.

Another very likeable post was the one titled Top Five Ice Cold Hotels! As the name suggests, it talks about hotels in the forzen environment. But its just not that. The article profiles hotels that have been fuly or partially built from ice! Located in places like Canada and Sweden, some of them are built on the concept of the Igloo!

Coming back to the main blog, the catchline on the blog is last minute hotel deals, which is quite nice for those who plan thier holidays at the last moment. The main website on covers over 12,000 last-minute reservations on hotels. Users can book hotels three weeks in advance and help refer them to extra services including car hire, flights, travel insurance, sightseeing attractions, transfers, and worldwide calling cards.