Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Boxing - A Sport for Spirituality

Boxing is a sport and martial art in which two participants of similar weight fight each other with their fists in a series of one to three-minute intervals called "rounds". In both Olympic and professional divisions, the combatants (called boxers or fighters) avoid their opponent's punches while trying to land punches of their own. Points are awarded for clean, solid blows to the legal area on the front of the opponent's body above the waistline, with hits to the head and torso being especially valuable.It is important that professional boxing equipment is used even while practicing boxing at home as injuries in this sport can be fatal.

Kool facts about boxing:

- Boxing is a 'sweet science'.

- Boxing is a skill contest between two people who attempt to hit each other with their fists, eneased in gloves, whilst trying not to hit by their opponent.

- We have professional boxing and amateur boxing nowadays. There are different rules and scoring system between two types of boxing.

Any Fool Can Fight,But Very Few Can Box.