Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Dilemma Of Humanity

It's an all-known fact that we must walk our own path, make our own mark, choose our own destiny and so on and so forth. Although we know all these over-rated life statements, why do we always find ourselves feeling stuck. As if there's always something holding us back from accomplishing whatever it is we are itching for. There's always something to break your spirit just when its starting to build up. Is there a higher being, whether it be a god or some extra-terrestrial being, intentionally making things harder for us? And if so, is there a purpose for all this or are we just a reality tv show for this higher source?

The human race is powerful. As a race, we have proven ourselves to be nothing less than great. We've turned so many things around whether it be industrialization, philosophy, art, or religion. We've made life more comfortable and connected. Yes, the human race is amazing, to say the least. This however, raises a crucial question. If men, collectively, are praiseworthy; why is it that the average individual tends to be an asshole? It's as if, as a group we're great but individually, we're just persons who don't give a shit. Has humanity become so obsessed with self-image that the only reason why we're great as a group is because we're all putting up faces to impress the exact same hypocrite beside us. This idea seems very cynical but you cannot ignore that it is possible. Although there are a few good eggs in the basket, it doesn't change the reality that most of the eggs in the basket are rotten and two-faced.

There's no question about it, the human race is going down hill. I don't need to be Nostradamus to predict this because all you need to do is look around. Watching the news for crying out loud has become so damaging to self moral and personal beliefs that the world is in fact beautiful; that reality shows (which I doubt aren't scripted in some extent) has become the drug of choice of today's society. Society has become so immune with the stark reality of bullshit that we would rather live our lives in such a way that we don't actually have time to care. We either work, drink, drug, or fuck ourselves to death just to forget about the bigger things in life. We've become so self-absorbed and selfish that we forget what makes us humans in the first place. We have forgotten the one thing that separates us from wild animals. We have forgotten the importance of compassion for one another. We're suppose to look out for each another, not out-do one another while stepping on each other's toes. Shoot me if I have a lingering respect for being human; because it is beautiful, it is powerful, and it is grand to be a person in this world! If we could only loose the ability to bullshit and start looking past ourselves then we could actually celebrate our existence. Maybe I'm too idealistic but hey, I want a moment to be real.